My name is Dustin Burley, and I am running to be your next State Representative for District 53. I am running because I want our government to work for the people again, not for political parties and campaign donors. I have seen my rural area achieve amazing things with teamwork with everybody putting little skin in the game.


To me, District 53 is my home, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I want everyone to thrive and achieve their dreams but we need a strong policy to give people personal freedom, support all our workers with livable wages, reform public schools and no charter school. I know we may not all agree on the same solutions to every problem but working together again as a community and taking off our political jerseys will increase for a better outcome.


Today I am asking for your support and vote on November 8, but I want you to look over my site, please don’t hesitate to email, or call me if you have any questions for me. I want to hear your problems and concerns so I truly represent this district the right way. With your help until November, we will fight to improve our communities and  make Kentucky a better place!

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