Hi, I'm Dustin

Dustin Burley was born in Frankfort, KY and moved to Lawrenceburg, KY in 1999 but my family roots run deep on both the Harvey and Penny side. Dustin graduated from Anderson County High School in 2007. He attended Eastern Kentucky University and joined Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity but after a few semesters, he chose a different path, getting a job and pursuing his education through distance learning instead.

Dustin believes that parents and residents of the 53rd district shouldn’t have to make the choice between going to work and caring for a newborn or a sick relative. As a former child care worker, he understands how having a sick child can impact your paycheck. He will work to pass legislation that will protect your job and help you get paid even if you have to miss work to take care of a new baby or a loved one with a serious medical condition because paid family leave will make a huge impact on a lot of working families. 
Kentucky's children deserve the very best when it comes to education. Dustin has always supported policies that empower teachers and staff, such as providing early education, highly skilled trade classes and fully fund all levels of education.  Kentucky must provide teachers with competitive salaries and benefits in order to ensure that our children are receiving the best possible education. Furthermore, we need to actually consult educators when forming education policy rather than leaving them out of the conversation.

An advocate for children and families, Dustin knows that higher healthcare premiums, high property taxes and wages that haven’t kept up with rising costs every month. He has a hard time making ends meet too, sometimes. Dustin will propose and support laws that lower costs for families, that help provide quality, low-cost health care, and that increase earnings for individuals and their families, not just corporations.
As a resident, Dustin has watched as businesses have passed on the 53rd district, choosing instead to relocate to favorable counties or towns with upgraded roads and better locations for their facility. As your state representative, Dustin will fight for the funds to improve infrastructure in the 53rd district in order to bring more businesses and jobs to the area.
So, if you see Dustin around, stop for a moment and have a chat. If he comes by your house, join him in a conversation. He wants to hear how you’re doing. He is interested in knowing what’s important to you and your family. And, if you’ve got some time, he’d love to share some of his ideas for how, as your representative, he will act to make things better for you and for all the residents of Anderson and Spencer Counties.