Our existing roads and bridges need to be modernized and new bridges, roads, and
sidewalks constructed to ensure the safety of our citizens but also to create
good-paying jobs for the future. Every day children are put in harm’s way as they
walk to school where no sidewalks are built. It’s time our government takes care of
these chronic issues. It is also critical that broadband is expanded in our rural areas.
It is wrong that residents living in rural areas don’t have access to the same services
as people in cities and towns.


As school bookkeeper, our public-school teachers need to be better paid and to have their classrooms fully funded not from there. The support staff are a vital part of the education system and they have been overlooked far too long time. We must invest in our education system at all levels from birth to universities or trade schools, so our children have the best chance at success in the classroom and in society. I will fight like hell to block taxpayer dollars going to charter schools and make those schools be held to the same standards as public schools.


An educated and highly skilled workforce will help our economy grow. But we also have to invest in our people by breaking down barriers so they can strive for better wages and look into Universal Basic Income. We need to change regulations on small businesses and enterprises so they can create future jobs for our community while also working with larger corporations and industries to have them locate offices, headquarters, expand tourism opportunities and factories in our district.


Imagine a world in which each individual was assured that they would have healthcare in the event of an illness or an injury. Imagine a world in which preventative healthcare and wellness were a right and not a privilege. I want to ensure that each resident of the 53rd district has access to quality, affordable healthcare. It is also critical that we keep the Medicaid expansion in place. I want to protect those who receive Medicaid from laws that would strip them of their coverage if they are unable to work or contribute to the cost. I want to work in a bipartisan fashion to grant better funding to our rural hospitals, nursing home facilities, mental health care, and drug treatment facilities and outpatient care programs so residents can have peace of mind and lead longer healthier lives.


I will never cut or support anything that breaks our promise to retirees, teachers, first responders, correctional officers, state workers, or anyone who has been guaranteed a pension as part of their employment agreement. I fully support funding pension systems and paying for retired teacher’s healthcare. These teachers budgeted and planned for the future believing that they would receive these funds because the state told them they would. Without these funds, retired teachers could lose their healthcare and won’t be able to afford to pay for coverage themselves. Additionally, I believe that elected officials or appointed officials should not receive a pension and should receive the same healthcare as everyone else. Public service is just that – a service. Elected or appointed officials should not profit from their choice to serve.